8 awful mistakes you make that ruin your teeth

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On 10 June 2017 saa 02:25
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You probably brush your teeth everyday but there are certain mistakes you might be guilty of making which could have serious consequences for your teeth.

Here are 8 awful mistakes you make that ruin your teeth as revealed by Simon Enever, the founder of trendy electric toothbrush company Quip and dentist Dr Mark Burhenne on the Daily Mail.

1. You don’t brush twice every day

Brushing twice everyday is a well-known bit of dental wisdom many people fail to practice. Most people only brush in the morning and fail to brush their teeth before bed.

Plaque form most easily during sleep and you create a plaque-friendly environment when you don’t brush before bed.

2. You brush immediately after eating

Brushing immediately after eating wears the enamel which can lead to sensitive teeth and exposure of the yellow dentin below the enamel. Brush before you eat or 30 minutes after eating.

3. You brush too hard

Brushing too hard cause receding gums and damage the enamel. Hard brushing is also less effective at cleaning the teeth than soft brushing.

To ensure you brush gently, hold your toothbrush with your fingertips like a paint brush, not with the palm of your hand.

4. You brush only your front teeth

Many people brush only their front teeth and neglect other parts of the teeth. The hidden crevices of your teeth are the ones most likely to end up covered in plaque. Ensure you brush every part of your teeth.

5. You don’t brush long enough

Most people are guilty of not brushing their teeth long enough. You should brush your teeth for at least two minutes.

6. You rinse your mouth immediately after brushing

Rinsing your mouth immediately after brushing isn’t ideal as it doesn’t let your toothpaste work its magic.

If you want your toothpaste to take full effect, try not to rinse your mouth with water until 30 minutes after brushing. Just spit out the toothpaste and wait for 30 minutes before you rinse with water.

7. You don’t change your toothbrush regularly

Most people change their toothbrush once or twice a year and this is wrong. Brushes become unhygienic after a while, particularly if you have been ill in that period.

The bristles of your toothbrush become worn and bent after using it for too long and this renders the toothbrush useless at cleaning so ensure you change your toothbrush every three months.

8. You don’t air-dry your toothbrush

You make your toothbrush a breeding ground for mold and bacteria when you store your wet toothbrush in an enclosed cover.

Store your toothbrush with bristles out and let it dry in the air. Ensure its not close to your toilet.