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8 common causes of low sex drive
Published on 23-09-2016 - at 00:41' by Elcrema

A low sex drive can be caused by a number of factors which are listed below.

1. Relationship troubles can lead to couples having a low sex drive. Anger, frequent quarrels with your partner and resentment can bring down your sex drive.

2. Stress can also cause low sex drive. When you are under chronic stress, your body releases cortisol which can interfere with your sex drive.

3. Some health conditions can lead to you having a low sex drive. Illness such as cancer, kidney disease and diabetes can mess with your testosterone levels causing you to have a low sex drive.

4. Depression can mess with your sex drive. When you are depressed, it’s becomes harder to feel sexual.

5. Some medication can affect your sex drive. Some medications used to treat depression and high blood can pressure affect your sex drive.

6. Inadequate sleep can lead to you having a low sex drive. A lack of sleep elevates your cortisol levels which affects your sex drive.

7. Alcohol consumption and use of hard drugs like marijuana can affect your sex drive.

8. How you see yourself can affect your sex drive. Your sex drive will suffer if you have a low self-esteem.



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