8 important items every pregnant woman should have in her bag

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On 18 October 2016 saa 01:15
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Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life, and it’s a delicate time where the woman’s body goes through various hormonal changes. These changes would make her react differently from when she isn’t pregnant. So it’s important for her to have some things handy in these times.

Every woman should have the following items in her purse.

1. Water bottle

Every pregnant woman should have water can in her purse, because it’s very important to stay hydrated when pregnant. Remember, you are taking care of two people and not one, so you’d tend to drink more water when pregnant.

2. Healthy snacks

There would be times when you will feel so hungry that you can’t wait to grab a main meal. During times like these, reaching for a healthy snack in your purse will help you more than you can imagine.

3. Tissue/wipes

This is going to come in really handy, as you’d have a whole lot to clean. It could be that you could become sweaty in various parts of your body and you’d tend to use the bathroom more. Being able to clean up will be a huge relief.

4. Hand sanitizers

The last thing you would want is to become pregnant and sick; you’d feel so miserable.

Carry along hand sanitizers to clean your hands because you could come in contact with so many germs and bacteria, which could make you ill.

5. Throw up bags

Having throw up bags can really come in handy when you are pregnant, especially during your first pregnancy where you’d easily feel nauseous. Rather than puke all over the place, a throw up bag will come in handy and save you the embarrassment.

6. Pain reliever

If you suffer pains and headaches a lot when you’re pregnant, ask your doctor for pain relievers that you can use to calm the pains down, and never forget to put them in your bag.

7. Change of underwear

This is another item that could come in really handy when you are pregnant. You can easily discharge things and ruin your underwear when you’re pregnant, so having a change of underwear would make you feel comfortable without having to get home first.

8. Lotion

Lotion will help save you from that itchy and dry feeling when your skin starts to stretch during pregnancy.

Your pregnancy is important, and these items will help keep you comfortable even when you aren’t at home.