9 surprising items you share but you shouldn’t (almost everyone is guilty of this)

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On 27 September 2016 saa 01:09
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People place emphasis on not sharing items like toothbrushes, but it doesn’t end at that, there are other surprising items that we shouldn’t share, and almost everyone is guilty of this.

Below are some of those everyday items you should be personal with.

1. Soap

We have that belief that since soap washes itself then it’s okay to share it with someone else. A 2006 study cites soap as a source of continuous re-infection in dental clinics. It’s even been suggested that because soaps doesn’t completely dry after each use, this can cause it to accumulate bacteria and fungi which can be transmitted from person to person.

2. Towel

People also have the misconception that since towels are only used after bathing then it can’t transfer germs. Towels shouldn’t be shared and they should be washed frequently as they can transfer bacteria, germs and even infections.

3. Hair brush

Hair brush is also another everyday item people share without minding. When you share a hairbrush, you are at risk of not just lice but ringworm fungus as well. The ringworm fungus can cause hair irritation, temporary baldness and rashes – it can also affect your scalp.

4. Canned drinks

It’s easy to drink from a can drink used by a friend, but it isn’t totally healthy. Sharing canned drinks can lead to saliva swapping which can result to sore throat, cold and cough, herpes and even meningitis.

5. Makeup

Ladies share their make-ups with each other, but this isn’t really hygienic. Makeups carry a lot of unseen germs from saliva to pink eye and can easily cause one to fall ill. However, makeup is a bit fairer because some make-ups have a number of preservatives that kill bacteria making it safe to share.

6. Hats,helmets and caps

Just as with hair brushes, hats, helmets and caps can also transfer lice and other hair bacteria from person to person.

7. Earphones

It’s so easy to share a pal’s earphone to listen to a quick jam, but it comes with its own risks. Bacteria can transfer from ear to ear when you share earphones and this can lead to ear infections. Ordinarily, you should clean your earphones regularly even if you don’t share them as they accumulate germs and bacteria easily.

8. Earrings

It’s easy to see a lovely piece of earrings and share them, but it isn’t really hygienic. Sharing earrings can transfer bacteria and viruses including hepatitis c. Also when you poke your ear with your earrings, you become susceptible to virus from a previous wearer.

9. Nail clippers

Sharing nail clippers is also not advisable. When there is an opening in your callused skin or when your cuticles are taken too backwards, you become susceptible to virus transfer between you and a previous user.

Sharing items isn’t as ordinary as you thought they were, so you ought to take your personal hygiene serious.