Bugesera: Motorcyclists commit to crime prevention

Published by Police
On 22 August 2016 saa 01:17
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About 300 commercial motorcyclists operating in Bugesera District, on August 19 held a meeting in which they discussed and laid internal arrangements to reinforce crime prevention strategies.

The motorcyclists organized under their three cooperatives; COTAMOBU, Icyizere and Icyerekezo-Ruhuha also talked about issues related to promoting road safety.

During the meeting held in Nyamata Sector and attended by Police officers, the chairman of COTAMOBU Eugene Havugimana warned of “appropriate action” against defiant members who breach road safety standards resulting into accidents.

“Some of our members have a tendency of feeling as if they are above the law and violate the rules and regulations governing this profession as well as traffic regulations and even go beyond to involve or facilitate criminality; there’s no need of having such characters. We should be defined for only good deeds,” Havugimana said.

“If we don’t exercise vigilance, we find ourselves abetting crime transporting thieves or illegal goods; trafficking illicit drugs or drug traffickers should not define our business profession. We are all aware of our role in community policing and that binds us to provide information on any person involved in unlawful acts either where we operate and live or those we transport,” he added.

His counterpart of Icyerekezo-Ruhuha, Jean Damascene Harerimana also appealed to members not to be swayed away by the desire for money to facilitate criminality or put their lives at risk over speeding to scramble for passengers.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Cyprien Uwitonze, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Bugesera, who also attended the meeting, thanked them for the zeal to support community policing activities and challenged them to value their lives whenever they are riding.