Care of the male organ:7 things every man should know

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On 12 August 2016 saa 01:16
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The male organ is home to diverse bacteria; the skin of the penis plays host to a community of bacteria. Experts would say that the human body is an ecosystem, and a lot has to be done to take care of the body.

Some men are quite lackadaisical when it comes to taking care of their man part, and that in itself is being unfair to themselves and their partner.

Below are certain things every man should know about taking care of their organ:

1. Public hair should be well groomed

The hairs surrounding the male organ should be well shaven; this would reduce the moisture and as well as increase the cleanliness level. Also, when well shaven, it enhances better self-examination as well as increase the sensitivity levels during sex.

2. The male organ could be said to be quite tender, so there is no need for vigorous washing or scrubbing; just simply wash with warm water. In the case of uncircumcised men, shift the foreskin aside and wash with warm water without soap and let the area dry afterwards.

3. Do not wash the male organ with powerful soaps or disinfectants, non-cleanser soap or mild soap is more appropriate.

4. The frequency of washing is also important

Too frequent or infrequent washing of the male genital do sometimes have an adverse effect; it sometimes causes balanitis — an inflammation of the penis.

5. The use of talc and deodorants should also be avoided; they could get under the foreskin and cause an irritation.

6. The base of the penis and the testicles should also be cleaned carefully because sweat and hair can combine to give it a pungent odour, mostly because they are enclosed in underwear for majority of the day.

7. The underwear

This is another area where most men fail; the care of the organ cannot be done without the care of the underwear. The underwear accumulates sweat and bacteria, so it should be changed frequently. A lot of men wear underwear repeatedly without washing them – that isn’t good for your skin health.

If you deem your organ important fellas, you ought to take proper care of it.