Do you have difficulty sleeping at night?these tips will help you

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On 23 June 2017 saa 10:45
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Finding sleep can be a difficult task sometimes, due to stress from the day’s activity, depression, or just worry. However medical experts say it’s important to get enough sleep every day (at least, 7 hours), in order to stay in good physical and mental shape. So stress or not, it’s expedient to find a way around sleeplessness by all means possible. If you have a challenge with sleeping easily at night, I have a few tips that can help change that.

Try the ‘sleep paradox’

The sleep Paradox is a technique designed by psychologists, meant to help people overcome sleeplessness. The technique involves one simply pretending to want to be awake all night, when in reality, they want to sleep.

The sleep Paradox technique works because it is everything the mind doesn’t like. The brain never accepts negatives well, so it perceives this measure as an instruction not to sleep, and then, sooner or later, your eye muscles will become fatigued, and sleep will set in. To achieve success using this tip, simply lay in your bed and continually tell yourself in your mind you do not want to sleep.

Use your imagination

Sleep, more often than not, is a product of calm, peace and quiet. You can trick your mind into falling asleep by creating an atmosphere of peace and quiet in your mind. Just picture yourself in that place of comfort, and before you know it, sleep will come.

Try humming

This is very cliché, isn’t it? But the truth is it actually works. Have you ever thought about why mothers hum to their children to put them to sleep? Humming creates calm and peace around you. If you want to sleep so bad, then lay in your bed, drop your shoulders, close your mouth, but not so much, so you can vibrate while you hum. Do for a few minute, and possibly focus on the vibration. In a short while, you’ll sleep off.

Keep yourself and the room you are sleeping in cool

Naturally, when you sleep, your body’s temperature drops to a certain level. If you could drop the temperature yourself, what’s to say sleep won’t come? So you just need to give your body the same conditions it thrives in during sleep in order to get sleep. All you need do is take a cold bath or get your room well ventilated. Good luck!