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Do you want to get pregnant after 35?This is what you should do
Published on 21-10-2016 - at 00:38' by Elcrema

One of the world’s leading fertility specialist, Richard Paulson, President Elect of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, have advised women who want to start having children after 35 to freeze their eggs.

According to Dr Paulson, it’s important women who plan to start having children later freeze their eggs because the quality of a woman’s egg takes a sudden downturn after 35 and getting pregnant becomes much harder.

“Most people want to have two or children and if by the time they reach 30 they think they’re going to be done by 35, great,” Dr Paulson said at the ASRM Congress in Salt Lake City, USA.

“I think they should get on with it. If not, then I think they should seriously consider some type of fertility preservation, whether that’s egg freezing or embryo freezing with a suitable life partner.

“What I’ve told my daughters is that really. Because the biological clock takes a sudden turn downwards at the age of 35, people need to work backwards. You should be done having your babies by the age of 35. Knowledge is power and having eggs that are frozen increases rather than decreases your options.”


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