Dr. Binagwaho to Rescue Mothers Held at Muhima Hospital

Published by Abdou Nyampeta
On 8 November 2012 saa 02:54
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Although Rwanda’s medical care system is globally respected, mothers at Muhima Hospital that fail to clear their bills after giving birth are held at the hospital.

Its not known for how long they are held but there are cases where some of their children are already walking and talking.

However, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho the Health Minister has embarked on a mission to rescue these mothers held at the hospital for defaulting payment.

Earlier IGIHE had contacted the Minister about this situation and she had said there is no mother held at the hospital for failing to pay their bills.

Dr. Binagwaho this time told IGIHE she is personally following up the case after Muhima Hospital management confirmed to her that indeed there are many of such cases at the hospital.

The Minister said these Mothers held at Muhima Hospital must be released immediately if they are indeed held there.

IGIHE again visited the hospital and spoke to Dr. Patrick Mulindwa who said that the Minister had advised that the defaulters be handed to police.

However, Dr. Mulindwa expalined that most of such mothers and other patients being held at the hospital are brought in by police.

"The Police in most cases brings to the hospital such people in need of medical care. They recieve necessary treatment but cant pay. Some dont even have identification papers. Some dont have relatives."

Dr. Mulindwa said such people cannot be released.

By Press time, officials from the office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Local Government and Ministry of Health are said to be visiting Muhima hospital to investigate the matter.