Five health benefits of spa treatments

Published by Mugabo Jean d’Amour
On 5 July 2017 saa 05:30
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In today’s world, stress looms every second, claiming many lives every day and contributing to a variety of chronic afflictions. Although there is no survey in Rwanda regarding stress-related death rates, a 2016 survey in the US indicates that 1 out of 20 deaths is caused by stroke.

Despite stress threats, the world still features healthy, relaxed and beautiful people who got there by living the ‘spa’ life. Spa treatments range from facials, massages, sauna, steam sessions and more that all together help improve quality of life.

IGIHE caught up with Elina Bamulanje, experienced spa services professional and Recreation Supervisor at Kigali Marriott Hotel, to learn about the health benefits of the spa, a service that people are increasingly turning to. Bamulanje holds a degree in spa services has six years of experience and previously worked with Kigali Serena Hotel. She explains the spa’s health benefits in the following major points:

1. De-stress

From nation to individual, from youngsters to adults, stress is an unavoidable component of physical and mental health issues. Spa treatments and massage therapies can be tools to help people de-stress after their daily busy work schedules.

2. Detoxification

Spa treatments purge toxins and excess fluids from the body, and by this, the immune system improves, guarding the body against diseases. Spa treatments like mud baths exfoliate and nourish the skin with vitamins and minerals from elements like soil, clay and water, and other natural ingredients.

3. Stimulate blood circulation

Spa treatments like hydrotherapy, heat therapy and massages improve circulation and regulate blood pressure. Good blood circulation and pressure leads to better body flexibility and improved breathing which can further defend against disease.

4. Lose weight

Some people do not engage in enough physical activity and suffer from imbalanced diets, consuming a high amount of carbohydrates and sugar. As a consequence, they gain weight at a rapid pace. Spa treatments and regular gym sessions help balance weight and purge bad energies. These healthy habits allow the body to become strong enough to participate in physically demanding tasks without getting tired.

5. Fight body and skin aging

People visit the spa with different needs in mind. For instance, one may not need to lose weight, but wishes to tone and strengthen their muscles. As we age, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle, but a person who regularly works out and undergoes spa treatments can combat the aging process. Treatments such as body scrubs help remove dead cells on the skin and facials help prevent the appearance of aging. Products used during treatments nourish and transform the skin’s complexion, making one look and feel young.

Bamulanje says the benefits of the spa abound, but a skilled and well-equipped service provider is also paramount to ensure that a spa goer maximises the benefits.

She says Kigali Marriott, a five-star hotel, offers the best spa services in Kigali because the spa offers a wide range of experiences and is home to a dedicated relaxation room for guests to enjoy before or after treatments.

“Kigali Marriott’s Saray Spa’s team consists of professionals and has equipment that meets international standards. We offer a relaxation room which is unique to the spa services in the country. The room makes one feel different after relaxation,” says Bamulanje.

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Elina Bamulanje, Kigali Marriott’s Recreation Supervisor
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Kigali Marriott’s Saray Spa treatment room
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Saray Spa is well equipped to delevier the best services for body relaxation
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Kigali Marriott’s Saray Spa offers a range of fitness, massages, body scrubs and wraps
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Kigali Marriott’s swimming pool has all one may need to relax
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One of Kigali Marriott’s spa treatments rooms