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Having a broken heart isn’t good for the heart...this is why you should never get anyone’s heart broken
Published on 22-07-2016 - at 01:51' by Elcrema

Having a broken heart can have serious implications on your heart.

According to researchers at Mayo Clinic, when your heart gets broken, blood pumping in and out of your heart becomes temporarily disrupted by a surge of stress hormones which are secreted in response to the devastating news.

This life threatening condition is called broken heart syndrome. According to the researchers, this may have you killed.

According to Medical Daily, broken heart syndrome was first discovered by Japanese researchers in 1991.It is characterized by sudden chest pain and shortness of breath and it is often triggered by a tragic event like receiving emotionally difficult news.

Researchers from Minneapolis Heart Institute in a study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that women are more likely to experience the broken heart syndrome.

Dr Scott Sharkey, a research cardiologist at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation told Yahoo News that the more fragile a person’s health is, the more likely his/her broken heart could worsen his/her medical condition.

So before you break anyone’s heart, always remember they could get killed by experiencing broken heart syndrome.



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