Ladies...5 ways to keep your privates feeling fresh

Published by Elcrema
On 6 October 2016 saa 01:48
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Are you having issues with keeping your privates fresh? It could really be frustrating and embarrassing when you don’t feel fresh down there.

I got some tips that will help every woman feel fresh down there

1. Pee after sex

If you don’t normally pee after sex, you aren’t really helping your privates. Peeing after sex helps keep your privates fresh by helping you avoid urinary tract infection.

2. Eat fruits

Various reports claim eating lots of fruits especially pineapple and strawberries helps keep a woman’s privates fresh and makes it smell good too. Whether the reports are actually true or not, eating fruits will help you stay healthy and staying healthy is also good news for your privates.

3. Don’t stay in wet clothes for too long

Avoid staying in wet clothes for too long especially after working out. Wearing your work out clothes for too long after working put increases your chances of getting a yeast infection.

4. Don’t douch

Stay away from douching because it causes more harm than good to your privates. Douching upsets the pH balance of your privates causing irritation, inflammation and infection.

5. Switch to cotton underwear

While silk underwear make you look really sexy, they aren’t really good for your privates because they are not breathable thereby increasing the risk of moisture being trapped which can cause a yeast infection. Switch to cotton underwear.