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Men only:5 possible reasons why your erection is weak
Published on 31-07-2016 - at 01:29' by Elcrema

The human body is very complex and delicate; one wrong move can trigger a negative change in its functionality, and that is why it is absolutely expedient that people are careful in handling their bodies—from the things we eat and drink to the amount of stress we subject ourselves to. As the days go by, more and more people suffer from avoidable diseases/illnesses, and it’s all owing to ignorance. One of such conditions is erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as weak erection—a condition in men where victims have either a partial or no erection.

Many people wrongly believe that only older men are vulnerable to this condition, but that is false; anyone can suffer E.D if absolute caution isn’t taken. Erectile dysfunction is a very serious condition, and can lead to complete impotence if ignored. However, it can be salvaged and managed if detected early. Our focus today shall be on the causes of the condition, and they include:


Most young men consume alcohol as a way of boosting their sex drive and stamina, but unknown to them, it has damaging effects to the body. Alcohol contains a great deal of sugar, so the more you consume, the more quantity of sugar is deposited in your body, and consequently, your libido (sex drive) and erection power weakens. Apart from the sugar content in most alcoholic beverages, when you habitually use alcohol as a sexual stimulant, soon, your body becomes accustomed to it and without it you won’t be able to perform.


Good sexual functioning depends on good blood flow. Nicotine, however, is a very potent vasoconstrictor, affecting blood vessels in two ways. First, as a stimulant, it causes direct arterial spasm, affecting arteries of the heart, lungs, eyes, internal organs, arms, legs, and of course, the genitals. Next, it damages the lining of the blood vessels, impairing the ability of those vessels to relax and allow more blood flow. Nicotine also interferes with the mechanism within the veins that help maintain an erection. All this adds up to decreased blood available for an erection and an inability to keep that blood from leaking back out.


Research has proven that most cases of Erectile Dysfunction are more psychological than people think. The mind cannot be in two places at the same time; you cannot be worrying about something else during sex, and expect to have a full hard-on because your mind isn’t really there—that’s how the body works. Depression affects your erection; snap out of it, and regain full strength of the man in you.


The penis is like a car, the more you drive (use) it, the weaker it gets. You cannot masturbate at every instance and expect to have a very strong erection each time; it just doesn’t happen. Even during a real sexual intercourse, after the first round, you notice that your erection isn’t quite as hard as the first time. Excessive masturbation can weaken your erection as a man.


Some drugs have an adverse effect on the body’s functionality, and that is why it is ill-advised to do self-prescription. Only use drugs that are prescribed by your physician/doctor; doing the contrary can lead to serious health complications. Also, sexual Performance enhancers are meant as a cure for men who have no little or no libido at all; to help them have sex. But some sexually healthy young men ignorantly think these drugs can increase the length of time one lasts per round of sex, hence, they abuse them, and on the long run, they find it difficult to have an erection without the drugs because their bodies have been conditioned to respond only to the drugs. Unless prescribed by your doctor, do not use any sexual performance enhancers.

Have you been causing harm to your body without knowing? It’s time to stop those bad habits and regain the man in you.



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