Mental health:9 things you need to know about the brain

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On 12 January 2017 saa 12:58
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The brain is one of the most valuable organs in the human body. It controls a lot of things, and lack of care for it can lead to adverse effects. The better you are at caring for your mental health, the healthier your brain is likely to be. This is why we’re bringing you this information on how to care for the grey matter upstairs.

Don’t skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a habit for quite a number of people, but it’s not healthy for the brain. When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar level reduces, thereby causing an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain. This often causes brain degeneration.

Anger and overreacting

It’s human to get angry and overreact, but you have to avoid those as much as possible. When you overreact, your brain arteries harden, and that usually leads to a reduction in mental power or ability.

Watch how you smoke

People often think that cancer is the only problem associated with smoking, but that’s not true. Smoking affects the brain negatively too. Smoking can cause the brain to shrink, and eventually lead to Alzheimer’s.

Excessive sugar intake

The brain needs nutrients to function well. It’s not healthy for the brain when your body has too much sugar. It usually interrupts the absorption of proteins and useful nutrients, thereby causing malnutrition and bad functioning of the brain.

Avoid polluted air

The brain thrives with oxygen. It needs a lot of oxygen to work well. When you inhale polluted air, you prevent the brain from having access to oxygen, which usually leads to a decrease in its efficiency.

Lack of sleep

The reason you need a lot of sleep is so you wake up fresher, and your brain resets too. When you deprive yourself of sleep, you deny the brain its rest too, and that can cause accelerated death of brain cells.

Don’t cover your head when you sleep

As I stated before now, the brain needs lots of oxygen to work well. Covering your head during sleep only increases carbon dioxide, as it decreases oxygen. It’s unhealthy for your brain’s well being.

Rest during illness

It’s bad habit to work or stress your head in any way while you’re sick. It could lead to an under -performing brain.

Exercise your brain

The more you work your brain, the better it gets. One sure way of exercising your brain is by engaging it in stimulating thoughts. It’ll help it be sharper.

Care for your brain today!