Rwanda: The number of malaria cases increased by 68.6% in 2014

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On 13 April 2015 saa 03:03
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Malaria cases in Rwanda rose at 68.6% last year to reach 1,598,076, against 947,689 cases last year; According to figures released by the Rwandan Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health attributes the increase in the number of malaria cases to poor quality of mosquito nets.

The Minister of Health Agnes Binagwaho asserted, however, that the number of malaria deaths declined slightly, from 412 in 2013 to 352 in 2014.

She spoke of taking action against mosquitoes, including the expansion of indoor spraying of houses, the organization of a behavior change campaign and improving access to quality treated nets.

Ms. Binagwaho said that the supply of mosquito nets to the general public will be done every two years instead of three years.

"We started awareness campaigns and spraying indoors in some areas across the country, but the activities will cover the entire country," she said.

According to the Ministry of Health, approximately 83% of Rwandan households received mosquito nets and the government aims to provide at least one net with two people.

Figures from the Rwanda Biomedical Centre show that the morbidity rate in the country is 9% and the mortality rate to 4%.

Malaria is the fourth most deadly disease in Rwanda after neonatal diseases, lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Source: Rapide Info