Science reveals how being cheated on affects your health

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On 17 June 2017 saa 02:54
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A new research from the University of Nevada has found that being cheated on is linked to depression and anxiety and may also lead to more risky behaviours such as having unprotected sex and binge drinking, according to a report on Medical Daily.

The study found that being a victim of infidelity can increase the likelihood of psychological distress and may also increase the risk of abusing alcohol and/or drugs and developing an eating or exercise disorder, Medical Daily reported.

“Being cheated on seems to not only have mental health consequences but also increases risky behaviours,” lead author M. Rosie said.

“We also found that people who blamed themselves for their partner cheating, such as feeling like it was their fault or they could have stopped it, were more likely to engage in risky behaviours.

“It is possible that infidelity is such a serious and distressing relationship event that these intense negative reactions occur regardless of whether a person stays in the relationship.

“As we continue this line of research, we hope to better understand the emotional and physical health toll of infidelity.”

The researchers also found that the effects of being cheated on were more or less the same, regardless of whether the individual left or stayed in the relationship after being cheated on.