Scientists formulate an equation for the perfect sperm...this is why this discovery is important

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On 30 April 2017 saa 07:16
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A team of scientists from the Birmingham University in England have formulated an equation for the perfect sperm according to Daily Mail.

According to the scientists, the equation hold the key to fertility for couples hoping to conceive.

The equation describes how efficient a sperm is when moving towards the egg, taking into account factors such as the length of its tail and the rate at which it oscillates.

The researchers also revealed the equation will help them create a mobile phone app that rates a man’s fertility in seconds, by analysing magnified images of sperm samples.

“This has the potential to transform fertility treatment,” Project leader Dr Dave Smith said as quoted on Daily Mail.

Problems with the sperm is said to be a factor in half of infertility cases. Gauging the quality of a man’s sperm is reportedly challenging but the researchers believe with the equation, the accuracy of identifying the best individual candidate to inject into a woman’s egg can be drastically improved.

Dr Smith also revealed sperm don’t swim in straight lines.

“They basically have to swim through mucus and to do that they snake through it in an S-shape and the equation above describes how efficiently they do that.”