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Warning:Men should never put their phone in their pocket
Published on 23-09-2016 - at 01:06' by Elcrema

Most men put their phones in their pocket because it’s easy and convenient but researchers at Australia’s University of Newcastle have advised men against keeping their phones in their trouser pockets.

According to the researchers, placing your phones close to your genitals for a prolonged period of time will steadily drive down your sperm count.

The researchers reviewed 27 studies and found that exposure to mobile phones caused eight percent reduction in sperm motility and nine percent reduction in sperm viability.

“While the subject remains a topic of active debate, this review has considered the growing body of evidence suggesting a possible role for RF-EMR (radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation) induced damage of the male germ line,” the researchers wrote.

“In a majority of studies, this damage has been characterized by loss of sperm motility and viability as well as the induction of ROS generation and DNA damage.”

To avoid loss of sperm motility and viability as well as DNA damage, keep your phones away from your trouser pocket.


ces dangers sont valables tant pour les testicules que pour le coeur, et enfin pour les cellules de la boîte crânienne : ce moyen de communication est d’ailleurs de plus en plus dangereux car même les jeunes de 8 à10 ans ont des GSM; attention donc


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