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Why do men want sex in the morning
Published on 3-10-2016 - at 01:30' by Elcrema

Have you ever wondered why most women want sex so bad at night and most men want sex so bad in the morning?

When most women want their man so bad at night, he just wants to sleep and when most men want their woman so bad in the morning, she just wants to go back to sleep. What could really be the problem?

This difference between the time men and women want sex is due to hormones.

A man’s testosterone levels are at its peak even before he wakes up in the morning. This is because the pituitary gland which governs the production of the male sex hormones has been switched on in the night and the level has been steadily rising until dawn.

Most men would wake up hard two or three times in a week due to the raised testosterone levels in the morning.

This is why he would want sex with his partner early in the morning.

But while a man’s testosterone levels are at its highest when he wakes up, that of women are usually at their lowest in the morning.

Men’s testosterone levels starts to fall gradually as evening approaches while that of women gradually rises.

Towards 10PM, a man’s testosterone levels are at its lowest point in the day while a woman’s testosterone levels are at its highest.

Even though the man’s testosterone levels are at its lowest point in the day, men are still likely to have sex because a man’s testosterone level is still running higher than a woman’s testosterone even though hers is at its highest.

According to experts, a woman’s testosterone levels are at its highest during the 13th day of her cycle. This means she would climax more intensely and it would be felt all over the body.


Thank you. My question is: Does FAMILY PLANNING have bad results to the man’s body? If so how a man can be stronger as he was before when his partner was not yet taking medecine in order not to get plagnant before the chosen period by those two parteners.

Répondre4.10.2016 à 06:24
Mike Mkwinda

Ahahahhhaahah!! Don’t lie on us Plz!! Anywhere could you please share with us the names of such experts you talked about??? Could you really clarify what wrote here: "woman’s testosterone levels"?????? Does a woman have it?? from where?? Hahahahhaahh

Répondre3.10.2016 à 08:58


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