You will never keep your mobile phone close to your head after reading this

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 22 October 2016 saa 04:28
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You’ve probably heard rumours of how unhealthy it is to keep a mobile phone around your head for long, but didn’t take it seriously because there wasn’t much proof to back it up, or ‘no one you know has suffered any mobile phone related disease’, however, I doubt you’d repeat the act after reading this post.

Mobile phones cause radiation that is dangerous to human health, according to recent studies (2, as a matter of fact).

In Denmark, a group of young students conducted a research that has further given credence to the danger associated with prolonged mobile phone usage.

A group of five female 9th grade students from a Danish school used plants to conduct this study.

The experiment involved the women monitoring seeds from similar plants which they planted in two spaces at the same temperature level, both facing the sunlight and watered with equal amounts of water. In one area, they positioned the router for a wireless network that produces the same kind of radiation as an ordinary mobile phone, and the other, they placed in a space where there was none.

After 12 days, the germinated seeds alongside the router had not expanded, as some of them were mutated or totally dead. The plants arising from the seeds that were in a space without radiation advanced generally and also were entirely healthy. The experiment proved that radiation from mobile phones when kept too close to the head or used for long, can hinder rest and focus.

That is one research. In a similar study, which was conducted in 2016, the W.H.O also found that cell phone related radiation is carcinogenic, meaning that it can cause cancer. They therefore, have issued a stern warning to all mobile phone users around the world to limit mobile phone usage, or at least, keep it as far away from their head as possible.

Most of us are used to keeping their phones close to their bed or pillow when they want to sleep, even I was guilty of that habit, but ever since I read up about how unhealthy and dangerous it is, I changed it swiftly. You too should do the same. Turn off your phones before you sleep at night, but if you must, keep them far away from your head. If you have to take calls, use a hands free device, don’t put a phone around your head for long, don’t!