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Kizito Mihigo appeals sentence
Published on 12-07-2016 - at 10:09' by Théophile Niyitegeka

Kizito Mihigo, an artiste who has been in jail for one year and five months convicted of crimes including the formation of a terrorism group, will be appearing in the Supreme Court where he appealed.

Kizito was sentenced to ten years by the high court.

Since his arrest in April 2014 prior to his sentence, Kizito accepted the crimes for which he apologized during trial which was contested by his lawyers and so defended himself in court.

Following the 10 years sentence, Kizito appealed.The appeal was unknown to the media.

The National Prosecution has declared to have been informed about Kizito’s appeal of Kizito and co-accused. The day of hearing the appeal is yet to be announced.

“It is true that he has appealed .We have not yet known trial dates which will be announced the court,” the spokesperson of National Prosecution, Nkusi Faustin has told IGIHE .

He explained that Kizito appealed along with his co-accused who sent their submissions to the Supreme Court after their conviction.

Co-accused are Ntamuhanga Cassien and Jean Paul Dukuzumuremyi.

Kizito Mihigo was convicted on the account of treason, intention of harming government leadership including president of the republic and planning murder.The accusation of forming a terrorism group was dismissed.

The prosecution had requested that Kizito be sentenced for life and deprived of all rights in the country but his admission to have committed crimes and apologizing for it was considered by the court to reduce the sentence to ten years.

His co-accused, Cassien Ntamuhanga was sentenced for 25 years and Dukuzumuremyi Jean Paul sentenced for 30 years. Another co-accused Niyibizi Agnes was found innocent.

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Kizito Mihigo will be appearing in the Supreme Court where he appealed



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