Maj. Dr. Rugomwa appears in military court over alleged murder

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 13 September 2016 saa 08:37
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Maj. Dr.Aimable Rugomwa accused of beating a child, Mbarushimana Théogène, to death has today appeared before the Military Court in Nyamirambo for reading of his case and bail application.

He has appeared with his elder brother, Nsanzimfura Mamerito, a civilian resident of Matimba, Nyagatare district, with whom he is co-accused of beating the child to death.

The judge,Maj.Muhigirwa Gerard read the case to the accused that he, Maj. Dr. Rugomwa and co-accused Nsanzimfura, are alleged to have assaulted and killed Mbarushimana, an accusation which Maj. Dr. Rugomwa denied.

Nsanzimfura also pleaded not guilty of the accusations saying he, like other residents, had come to see what was happening.

Maj.Karara Innocent who represented the prosecution told the court that Maj.Rugomwa took Mbarushimana at his home from where he beat him to death after he, Maj. Dr. Rugomwa, took the body outside the fence whereupon he called the village leader claiming to have killed a thief.

The prosecution stated that the deceased’s postmortem indicated that he was hit with a sharp object on the head suspected to be a knife which broke the skull and affected the brain. His front teeth, prosecution continues, had fallen out with two of his fingers cut off which he said was a clear evidence of how the deceased was defending himself against the sharp object he was being hit with on the head.

Maj. Rugomwa explained that his home was raided on the night of 3rd September 2016 of which he was informed by his wife and house maids the same night.

He said that on that Sunday around 9:00pm, a housemaid told his wife that thieves were back, prompting Maj. Dr. Rugomwa to go out but saw no one and returned inside the house.
Rugomwa explained that he later heard something falling under the avocado tree and saw two people jumping inside the fence. He said he saw Mbarushimana on his car.

Rugomwa said the two people escaped as he opened the door but caught Mbarushimana who was close to him. He explained that they fought in the small entrance as Mbarushimana sought to escape and kept fighting till he died 15 meters away from the fence.

Nsanzimfura, his elder brother, said he was not involved in the tragedy since he came like other citizens adding that he knows nothing about what happened in the compound of his brother though he lives in an annexed house.

Lawyers defending Maj.Dr.Rugomwa said that he was defending his home that had been raided.

Maj. Dr. Rugomwa applied for bail so that he reports to court from home since he is carrying out a research project aimed at helping women out of barrenness.

The prosecutor, however, prayed that Maj. Dr. Rugomwa be remanded for 30 days as per article 140 of penal code.

The court has announced that the ruling of bail application will be will be read tomorrow at 2.00pm.

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Maj. Dr.Aimable Rugomwa in court today