Munyakazi genocide crimes hearing opens

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 11 October 2016 saa 09:33
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Leopold Munyakazi accused of genocide crimes has today appeared in court for hearing of his case where he requested court to record whatever he says adding that he can’t speak before getting the names of the judges.

He explained that his request to recording everything he utters is meant to ensure that what he says matches with written statements during the process of trial.

As the judges opened the hearing, they asked whether Munyakazi Leopold was present in court to which he responded with a question thus ‘who are you too?’

Munyakazi insisted on knowing the identities of the judges in charge of his case.

The court has read that Munyakazi is a son of Kanyamisambi Gerard and Nyirakabano Agnes born on 1/1/1960 in Kayenzi commune of Gitarama prefecture.

The prosecution has accused him of five crimes including involvement in 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, conspiracy in genocide crimes, mobilizing people to commit genocide, murder and denying genocide against theTutsi.

The judge has asked Munyakazi whether the read particulars can be used to identify him but denied to be the one, saying the prosecution might be holding a wrong person claiming he was born in 1950.

When asked whether he accepts the alleged crimes, Munyakazi expressed the need of knowing his rights in court before he proceeds through the trial which the judge read for him.

The prosecutor has explained that Munyakazi committed genocide crimes in former Kayenzi commune in Gitarama prefecture, the current Kamonyi district, in Gitwa cell, Kirwa sector.

The prosecution has said that on May 19th, 1994, Munyakazi as a member of MDR political party, attended a meeting at Kirwa School where he said that Inkotanyi had come to kill Hutu in Umutara region and incited people that Tutsi should be killed as they spied for Inkotanyi.

It alleged that Munyakazi had guns, supervised killings in Kayenzi commune among other crimes including denying publicly the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi at a meeting in USA at Delaware University where he said the killings emanated from racial conflicts.

Munyakazi agreed that he owned two guns, brands of Masotera and Kalashnikov but he did not use them for wrong acts.

The prosecution requested the accused to be remanded for the alleged crimes are grave in nature and to ensure he does not temper with investigations.

When given opportunity to say something, Munyakazi again asked again to record what he says.

He asked the court to never ask him anything before he gets a lawyer. After that, he went and took a seat.

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Leopold Munyakazi has appeared in court today