Uganda:Soldier rapes 70-year-old woman, jailed six years

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On 20 August 2016 saa 11:56
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At about 8pm July 7, 1998, a 70-year-old woman (name withheld) locked her door and went straight to her bedroom.

At about 8pm July 7, 1998, a 70-year-old woman (name withheld) locked her door and went straight to her bedroom.
At midnight, a bang on the door woke her up. Before she could recover from the shock, the attacker was already on her bed. She could not identify him because it was dark. In seconds, the stranger was pressing her hard on the bed.

It was clear he had ill motives. She couldn’t fight the attacker. Her worn out muscles couldn’t match his strength. Her only hope to escape the onslaught was help from the neighbours. She raised an alarm. Unfortunately, her house was far away from neighbours. No one heard her cries. Her attacker didn’t stop.

The male attacker wanted to forcefully have sexual intercourse with her. Because of her advanced aged, she was defenceless. The man raped her.
She later told investigators that she had no option, but to allow the man do what he wanted for fear that if she continued to resist, he would harm her.

The elderly woman said the male attacker took her giving in for approval and relaxed the manner in which he was abusing her.
“I told him that it would be risky to leave the door open at night. I told him to let me go fasten the door lock and then come back. He accepted,” the elderly woman told investigators later.

The elderly woman left to close the door as the attacker remained in her bed. When she reached the door, she just jumped out of the house and fled. The attacker swiftly pursued her before she could even leave the yard and caught up with her.

The elderly woman claimed she wasn’t running away, but wanted to go for a short call.

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They went back to the house and he again forced her into sex. She again pretended to be okay with the “relationship” making him open up about his profession. He told the elderly woman he was a soldier, who had been transferred to Kirawula army detach in Madudu Sub-county in Mubende District.
With promise of a relationship, the man decided to leave the elderly’s woman home at 7am.
He even asked the elderly woman to direct him to where the barracks was. She obliged.

As soon as they parted, the elderly woman ran to her neighbours, Moses Kisenyi and Rosemary Nakyambadde, to whom she narrated the unfortunate incident that happened to her at night.
The neighbours were annoyed and wanted him arrested. The elderly woman described to them what the man looked like. She also told them the man was walking towards the army detach. Kisenyi then picked a bicycle and pursued the attacker.

On the way, Kisenyi later told investigators, he found a man who fit the description given by the elderly woman.
“Before I rode closer to the man, he signalled me to stop. I stopped and he asked me for the direction to the army detach. I agreed to walk with him to the place,” Kisenyi said.
The duo went on chatting about several topics. Kisenyi told investigators that the man informed him that he was a soldier and he had spent the night in their village.

Several metres to the army detach, they were joined by another soldier, who was known to Kisenyi as Kasozi. When they were about to reach the entrance of the army detach, the stranger wanted to use a shortcut to his house.

He said he didn’t want to go through the main entrance on security grounds.

Kisenyi took advantage of that moment to inform Kasozi that the man with them was being accused of raping an elderly woman.

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The victim sees rapist Pte Apollo Bakahebwa’s face in the morning.