Wife pins Maj Rugomwa in murder case

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On 10 May 2017 saa 12:40
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Maj. Dr Aimable Rugomwa accused of beating to death a child identified as Mbarushimana Théogène yesterday appeared in Nyamirambo Military Court to resume trial where prosecution alleged that his wife testified to have warned her husband against killing the child.

Charges against his co-accused and brother Nsanzimfura Mamerito were dropped on medical grounds.

The charge sheet reads that in the night of 4th September 2016 in Ubumwe village, Rubirizi cell, Kanombe sector of Kicukiro district, Maj. Dr. Rugomwa beat the said child to death.

Appearing before Nyamirambo military court yesterday, the court ordered the release of Nsanzimfura Mamerito on medical report indicating that he was mentally ill disqualifying him to stand for trial.

The medical tests had been ordered by court on request by lawyers, who insisted that Nsanzimfura could not be charged because of his mental incapacity.

The prosecution alleged that Maj. Dr Rugomwa premeditated the killing basing on recorded statements, evidence and witnesses from ten people including her wife, Uwase Scovia who testified to have warned her husband against the killing but disregarded the call.

Rugomwa’s wife recorded a statement that her husband hit Mbarushimana with a big stick in the head. Rugomwa however explained he was defending himself from robbers but the prosecution questioned his motive in chasing and beating one after to death.

The defense lawyer Ngabonziza Joseph requested court to drop the charges of murder to involuntary manslaughter because he was defending himself from a thief who he killed accidently. The trial will resume on 6th June 2017.

Captain Felicien Ndaruhutse from military prosecution

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Maj. Dr Aimable Rugomwa in Nyamirambo Military Court