Exaucer Boutique introduces power balance bracelet in Kigali

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On 23 July 2017 saa 01:00
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Rwanda’s local market has become the first in Africa to have Power Balance Bracelet, the hologram-embedded band which is worn on the wrist to balance body powers, enhance flexibility and strength.

Power Balance Bracelet is widely used in the United States of America and Canada but little is known about it in Africa.

Ezlase Esdras, sales manager and representative of Exaucer Boutique in Rwanda, says they decided to bring this bracelet to Rwanda after realizing its importance especially for people who do sports and elderly people who suffer rheumatism.

“The shop has been opened by Rwanda national living abroad who has used the bracelet for seven years. Power balance bracelet balances the body powers to prevent joints shaking and tiredness during sports. It also improves blood circulation and relieves stress,” he says.

Power balance bracelet is so important to people above 40 years old especially those suffering from rheumatism and obesity.

Usage of the bracelet

Power balance bracelet is in use in US and Canada since 2010. The bracelet has been proved to be important in regulating blood circulation, improving sleeping quality and mitigating effects of radiation resulting from contacts with electronics.

Who should use the bracelet?

Sports lovers need most power balance bracelet to keep their powers balanced and constant to help with proper blood circulation and prevent pains in the joints.

The plastic bracelet has no bad effects to human body and can always be worn everywhere even in the swimming pool.

“Some people use narcotic drugs which harm their body while trying to gain strength. This bracelet has no effects but makes one feel relaxed. If someone usually runs 15 kilometres per hour, the bracelet will help do the same distance while the body is in good mood with good heart beat and devoid of pain in joints,” says Ezlas.

Elderly and overweight people should use the bracelet to help balance powers, prevent rheumatism as well as hardworking people to de-stress.

The bracelet’s material

Power balance is made in minerals and magnet that help body by optimizing the body’s natural energy flow.

Premises of Exaucer Boutique

Exaucer Boutique is located in Kigali city’s downtown, CHIC building, B1, C64 room, just beneath BK branch. The boutique is open from 8am to 8.30pm from Monday to Saturday.

For further information, interested retailers and buyers can phone us on +250 788 668 080
You can also email us to [email protected]

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David Beckham, a fan of the power balance bracelet
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Even The princess of England, Kate Middleton fell for the power balance bracelet
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Famous Kim Kardashian, wearing the power balance bracelet
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Former US president Bill Clinton wearing a Power Balance Bracelet
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Movie Actor, Steven Seagal wearing a Power Balance bracelet