“Food is the core part of a healthy life” F&B professional Awanish Joshi

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On 21 July 2017 saa 11:51
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It’s a reality most people tend to forget, but our entire body relies on what we consume, from brochettes to broccoli. Depending on our views, we may choose to live by or ignore the phrase “we are what we eat,” but our blood, bones, cells, cholesterol, hormones, and more depend on the vitamins and minerals we intake from food and beverage.

Speaking to IGIHE, Awanish Joshi, a F&B professional hailing from India, revealed how people can stay healthy while avoiding bad eating habits which lead to many health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

After exploring various countries and a great many culinary experiences for about eight years, Awanish arrived in Kigali in March to take up responsibilities as the Executive Sous Chef of Kigali Marriott Hotel.

“Food is a core part of life, and a good balance of food and exercise is needed to keep happy and healthy,” he observed, “The key takeaway is moderation. You can enjoy cakes, alcohols, and red meats, but it is important to balance these rich foods with other healthy, nutritious foods.”

Awanish added, “We recommend eating seafood that is high in omega-3s as they positively contribute to your overall health. For those with sensitive stomachs, many teas aid in digestion. At Kigali Marriott, we’re happy to give guests options to eat well. For example, our brunches offer a “healthy corner” with many salads and fruits that provide essential vitamins and minerals.”

In addition to his favourite dish of chicken korma (braised chicken with Indian spices and flavoured yogurt) accompanied with German Riesling wine, Awanish says Rwanda has many delicious foods he has enjoyed tasting.

“I like Kigali so much. It is a clean, beautiful, and very interesting city with a great culture. The local foods here are tasty and fresh. Goat meat is quite tender here. I enjoy brochettes with ibirayi (potatoes), matoke, dodo, mizuzu, and Rwandan goat stew,” he said.

Awanish invites all food lovers to the Kigali Marriott to enhance their culinary experience and explore international cuisines delivered by the 5-star hotel’s highly talented chefs.

In its Soko Restaurant, Kigali Marriott offers colourful Theme Nights on weekday evenings and a fun-filled Weekend Brunch to cap off the week.

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Awanish Joshi, the Executive Sous Chef at Kigali Marriott Hotel
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Salads with an Indian flavour
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Asian inspired noodles
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Main courses featuring a variety of Indian spices
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Dont forget to try the delicious dim sum options
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Fruits has great importance to our health.
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Vegetables are important to life
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Weekend Brunch is served in a range of a great many options