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Ladies,this is what you should do if you feel pains from wearing high heels
Published on 12-09-2016 - at 00:46' by Elcrema

As fashionable as high heels are, they could also leave your feet feeling hurt when worn for a while.

However, there is a simple life hack that could make you feel better in your heels – all you have to do is tape your toes together.

There’s a nerve which splits between your third and fourth toes, and causes pain in the ball of your foot.

Wearing high heels increases this pressure – but wearing tape removes the strain on this nerve, allowing you to dance the night away.

It also keeps your muscles aligned – and the ball of your foot steadier.

So, before heading out, you can use a medical bandage, scotch tape, rubber band or clear surgical tape to tape your third and fourth toes to each other.

Don’t do this if you’re wearing peep toe shoes, it could look a bit odd.



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