​International NGO facilitates engagement of all sectors in Peace Building for Myanmar and Globe​

On 11 February 2018 at 05:41

Representatives from religion, law and education in Myanmar gathered together with an international NGO to seek peaceful development and promote awareness of and cooperation in peace building.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) affiliated with the UN ECOSOC held sectoral meetings for peace building from February 1 to 2 in Yangon with the participation of politicians, law experts, teachers and leaders of youth and women.

“The Sound of Peace Spreading in Myanmar” was hosted by HWPL on February 1, with 500 participants and religious leaders from of Protestantism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism for an interfaith dialogue. “I am not going to take certain religion’s side or support it. What I am saying is, all religions have to reflect on themselves, so that they are acknowledged by the heaven. When all religions become one, then there will be no more war because of the religions.” Mr. Lee said.

An international law seminar was held the ext day, based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), drafted by HWPL to propose enactment of international law for peace through international cooperation, respect on international law, religious/ethnic freedom and spreading a culture of peace. “It has similarity with the constitution of Myanmar with 7 articles. This declaration is essential for Myanmar and needed to be supported,” said U Shein, the founding president of Happy, Healthy and Helping Society. The 130 lawyer participants of this seminar signed for “The Agreement of Support for the Implementation of the International Law.”

On the same day, “Ceremony of HWPL Peace Education and IPYG Peace Project” was held with the presence of Prof. Nay Win Oo, the Deputy Director General of Department of Higher Education and 10 chancellors of colleges. In the event, teaching materials and action plans for peace projects by youth were introduced and presented to HWPL to advocate peace building for future generations.

“There have been many figures who worked for peace. However, the world has not changed yet. In that sense, the current international law for the establishment of global peace should be readdressed,” said Chairman Man-hee Lee of HWPL. “Peace can’t be achieved by the authority or power of some people. What the better is the cessation of war and peace, keeping our lives. There are 3.6 billion women in the world. To protect all women’s offsprings and to protect the youth themselves, now we have to stop war. Peaceful world can’t be built by the effort of just one country. We all have to become one. Also, teachers should teach the children with the peace education from the primary school and all families.” He added.

Chairman Mr. Man-hee Lee received the present, DPCW sculpture made of jade.​
Chairman Mr. Man-hee Lee present the peace education material to the Dr. Thiha Nyarna, the Principal of Sitagu Buddhist academy.
About 500 participants were listening Mr. Man-hee Lee, the chairman of HWPL’s speech at IBC, Yangon.