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11 illegal miners arrested
Published on 27-07-2016 - at 01:07' by Police

Police in Rusizi District is holding 11 men who were caught red-handed mining gold illegally.

The suspects arrested on July 24 were identified as Gaspard Mutuyimana, Jean Pierre Habimana, Bonaventure Nyabyenda, Gabriel Nsengumuremyi and Eric Bamporiki.

Others are Enock Ntibaziyaremye, Boniface Ruticumugambi, Dominique Siborurema, Daniel Ntiyanyibagiwe, Felicien Bayibarire and Selevate Ntahombaye.

They are currently held at Nyakabuye police station in Mashesha Sector.

The District Police Commander, Superintendent of Police (SP) Sano Nkeramugaba reminded residents that “mining activities in Rwanda are conducted in accordance with the law protecting the environment and by the people with legal documents.”

“There are legal ways for one to be authorized to mine; you must have a license and all the required equipment for safe mining. This is why we request you to always provide information on anyone involved in illegal mining,” he said.

“Mining is not something that can be practiced by anyone; it requires skills and knowledge. If it is done wrongly, a lot is at risk including people’s lives,” added the DPC.

He warned all those who could be involved in such illegal acts, adding that illegal mining pose danger to people’s lives and to the environment.

SP Nkeramugaba asserted that Police in partnership with the local authorities have carried out sensitization campaigns to ensure residents realize the dangers involved in illegal mining, especially in sites that are mineral rich.

He appealed to the public to share information with security organs and other concerned authorities adding that people involved in such “illegal and dangerous activities will face justice.”

“Collective efforts especially through information sharing are important in curbing illegal mining,” he said.

Article 439 of the penal code states that “any person who undertakes inappropriate techniques in mineral exploration and mining shall be liable to a fine of Rwf 300, 000 to Rwf1 million.



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