11 killed in family disputes

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 17 August 2016 saa 10:16
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Nyamasheke district officials have said that 11 people died in family-conflict related tragedies from July 16th to August, 2016.

Some residents have told IGIHE that a number of village leaders are passive in reporting households’ conflicts to the police even when they are aware of prevailing disputes.

“Clashes between families are sometimes known earlier by village leaders and cell executive secretaries who, unfortunately, only react when people die.These leaders should report family disputes to the police on time,” said Kamarampaka Emmanuel.
Uwabakurikiza Christophe, another Nyamasheke resident decried some leaders who are informed of family conflicts but neglect them.

He said this yesterday in a security meeting that brought together Nyamasheke district officials and the military.

“Sometimes we report family conflicts to leaders but our reports are neglected,” he said.

The mayor of Nyamasheke district, Kamali Aimé Fabien has said that it is not easy to avoid road accidents but asked residents to avoid deaths related to conflicts, arguing executive secretaries to stay close to people they lead.

“I realized some leaders try their best to fulfill duties but have residences in other cells and sectors. So citizens with bad intentions seem to go on rampage in the absence of leaders,” he said.

Recently a woman was beheaded where the trunk and head were found separately in Nyamasheke district. Other incidences include a girl who committed suicide after getting pregnant and another girl who threw her child in a toilet claiming the family would repeatedly abuse her for mothering a bastard.

Cell executive secretaries pledged involvement in stopping such deaths arising from family conflicts through gathering information on families’ situation and report earlier to the police.

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Cell executive secretaries of Nyamasheke district attending the security meeting yesterday