200 Nkombo workers not paid for over 3 years

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On 18 January 2017 saa 03:38
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Residents of Nkombo Island in Rusizi district numbering to 200 are crying foul over a businessman, one Evariste Habiyaremye, who has failed to pay for casual labour provided during the construction of a Nkombo Guest House at Nkombo in 2012.

Despite providing labour for a year, they claim, they received nothing in turn.

“All masons and casual workers who constructed the guest house were not paid. I worked there during the finishing phase but three years have passed without getting payments of Rwf 100,000 they owe me,” said Ayinkamiye Immaculée one of the claimants.

Bizimana Innocent, another resident says that the Habiyaremye paid them small amounts, leaving huge balances.

“He owes me Rwf 150,000 I worked for in stone crushing. He gave me Rwf 20,000 only. The sector and district officials are aware of our plight but have not been of much help. We are starving,” he said.

Habiyaremye has however told IGIHE that he signed an agreement with the district authorities to pay the workers using part of the money the district owes him.

“I know the matter of these workers but we have agreed with the district to pay them from money they owe me. We signed that agreement,” he said.

The executive secretary of Rusizi district, Mushimiyimana Euphrem has said that he is not aware of the matter and the agreements with Habiyaremye but will make a follow up as soon as the case is reported to him.

“We will sit to seek a solution when they file complaints with the district. I know that we have the guarantee of the entrepreneur and will present the signed papers to prove what he says,” he said.

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Nkombo Guest House