2000 students sensitized on community policing

On 16 November 2017 at 01:10

The Rwanda National Police outreach activities continued in Kayonza, Musanze and Gakenke districts on Tuesday, where Police officers enlightened about 2000 students from three schools on various laws and their values that are required of them not to be in conflict with the law.

The students were also urged to utilize their holidays for the good of their families and communities rather than wasting it in non-developmental and unlawful activities, which at times result into arrests and unwanted pregnancies for the case of girls.

In Kayonza, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Leonille Mujawamariya, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) reached out to students of Fawe Girls School, and challenged them to pursue their academic careers rather than wildly things.
"You are now going for holidays, desist from drinking alcoholic beverages, night clubs and for the case of girls, temptations from men that might result into child pregnancy," AIP Mujawamariya told the students.

"There are men who seduce young girls like you with phones, money and even taking them out for luxury life, and end up in sexual acts leading to pregnancies, contracting STDs and forcing them to drop out of school. Don’t leave room for such. Know why your parents sent you to school and what the country desires from you," she added

She reminded them to stand up for their rights and report all forms of child abuse they either encounter or witness.

Similar messages were also delivered to students of St. Vincent in Misanze and Nyarutovu in Gakenke where police, local leaders and mentors educated the youngsters on positive living, staying focused and reporting wrongdoers to police.
Source: RNP News