$30 million tea project launched in Nyaruguru

On 6 December 2017 at 05:41

A new $30 million (over Rwf25billion) project that seeks to plant tea on a surface area of 4231 hectares in sectors of Kibeho and Munini of Nyaruguru District has been launched.

The Unilever Tea Rwanda project will benefit Nyaruguru residents by providing with them a total of 1000 permanent jobs.

Under the project, a new tea processing plant will be constructed and will be able to produce 10,000 tones per year.

Speaking at the inauguration event, the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), Dr. Geraldine Mukeshimana told Nyaruguru residents that the project seeks to develop their welfare and urged them to use the opportunity by developing themselves.

“When investment opportunities unfold, livelihoods improve. This project will give you permanent jobs and will benefit you, your children and grandchildren as it is a long term project. We urge you to educate your children so that in the future they will be skilled enough to work in that plant,” Mukeshimana urged Nyaruguru residents.

Nyaruguru District Mayor François Habitegeko said that their region is suitable for tea growing and that they already have three processing plants in the district.

“Currently, production from our plants is 3,900 tones per year. When this plant is completed by 2018, the yearly tea production shall be increased by 10,000 tones,” he said.

Meanwhile, 228 families were relocated from Mata and Munini sectors to pave way for 2000 hectares to be used for the construction of the plant and tea cultivation.

Residents welcomed the project saying that it will help in the district’s development.

The Chief Executive Officer of Unliever, Paul Polman said he decided to bring the project to Rwanda after meeting with President Paul Kagame in 2015 in New York where they discussed development programmes.

“When you wish to move faster you walk alone, but when you need to reach far you go with others. After discussing with President Kagame about programmes that uplift peoples’ welfare, I decided to bring this project we are launching today,” he said.