30 simple habits that will make your life simple again

Published by Elcrema
On 6 November 2016 saa 11:45
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Most times, the reason why people’s lives get so complicated isn’t really because of the situations they find themselves in, but it’s as a result of the habits they have formed over the years. These habits affects their lives, their relationship with people, people’s perception about them, their love life, their health, their career and so many other things.

You’d be surprised at how the simple and basic things in life can make your life simple again.

1. Create time to sleep and have enough rest. You’d be surprised at how much impact a good sleep can have in your life.

2. Just one positive thought in the morning can brighten your whole day.

3. Tell your spouse or someone who matters to you just how much you love them.

4. Show an act of kindness to someone today.

5. Learn to smile more and laugh more. You will be surprised at how many favours you’d get in a day when you have a smiling face, or at how much people would be endeared to you.

6. Don’t be too sedentary; take walks and try to exercise every day.

7. Don’t make unnecessary assumptions; ask someone if you aren’t too sure.

8. Show at least one act of love to your partner everyday.

9. Say “Sorry” when you are wrong.

10. Take responsibilities for your actions.

11. Learn how to communicate with people properly. Every person have a way they’d want to be talked to. Don’t talk to a stranger just as you’d talk to a friend. Observing proper communication techniques is a useful asset.

12. Learn to live a debt free life.

13. Spend within your means.

14. Don’t try to please everyone.

15. Surround yourself with positive minded people.

16. Create time to meditate and free your inner man.

17. Respect everyone everywhere you go, irrespective of the difference in class, age, status, position, tribe or anything. You’d be surprised at how much people would respect you more when you respect them.

18. Always do your best. Never fall short of this.

19. Build good friendships.

20. Be yourself.

21. Plan your day at night before you sleep, or when you wake up in the morning.

22. Say a positive prayer every morning. Never make light of this.

23. Be a better listener.

24. Try as much as possible to cut complains from your life.

25. Learn to appreciate life and appreciate the good people do for you.

26. Spend time with people who motivate you to be better.

27. Avoid negative friendships.

28. Learn to let go of the past.

29. Learn from your mistakes.

30. Accept people for who they are.

These might seem ordinary, but they will bring less complications to your life and make it simple again.