841 convicted on corruption, misallocation of over Rwf 3 billion in three years

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On 6 June 2017 saa 11:31
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A total of 841 convictions of corruption and misallocation of over Rwf 3 billion (Rwf 3, 386,383,761) were registered between 2013/14 and 2015/16 fiscal years, Rwanda Prosecution has revealed.

In a report that was released yesterday by Jean Marie Vianney Nyirurugo,
the head of economic and financial unit at the Public Prosecution Authority in a consultative meeting of Kigali city with grassroots leaders, it was revealed that the fiscal year 2014/15 registered a large number of corruption convicts.

According to the report, in 76 court cases 183 people were accused of receiving over Rwf 1.7 billion in bribery in 2013/14; 388 court cases alleging 439 for receiving the bribery of Rwf 925,442, 337 were handled in 2014/15 while over 179 court cases accusing 219 people who allegedly received Rwf 739, 667, 140 were handled in 2015/16 fiscal year.

Statistics indicate that corruption rose from 0.5 in 2010 to 5% in 2016.

Nyirurugo explained that obtaining information on corruption, delays of pursuing culprits identified by the Auditor General, tampering with evidence and denying access to files during audits among others were pointed as challenges to address in fighting corruption.

The Chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda, Ingabire Marie Immaculée said that refusal to provide information on corruption hinders its eradication.

“The most challenging issue is that people hide information on bribery,” she said.

Ingabire urged Rwandans, especially internal auditors, to be honest and provide information without hiding culprits.

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The Chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda, Ingabire Marie Immaculée