Advanced Material Japan Corporation (AMJ) opens Rwanda offices

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On 23 November 2016 saa 03:02
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Advanced Material Japan Corporation (AMJ), dealing in minerals,has opened offices in Rwanda in a bid to be closer to the miners and sellers.

The CEO of AMJ, Shigeo Nakamura has said that they have been lured to come to Rwanda after realizing how the country, besides being safe has created an enabling environment for doing business

“We would wait for minerals in Japan but later decided to come where minerals are extracted from. We particularly preferred to operate in Rwanda given her endowment and safety. We will be buying minerals and send them to Japan immediately,” he said.

Shigeo lauded Charles Murigande who requested him to invest in Rwanda when they met in Japan.

“I met Murigande Charles in Japan. He requested me to bring my activities here in Rwanda. Arriving here I found that Rwanda is a safe place to run such a business,” he said.

AMJ will mainly buy Coltan, Cassiterite and Wolfram from Rwanda.

The Director of Mining and Petroleum Unit at the Ministry of Natural Resources, DonatNsengumuremyi says that the investment will help Rwandans who would face obstacles oftransporting minerals abroad.

“Rwandans would face the problem of getting markets abroad amidst the large number of required documents. However, with the coming of the new investor, mining companies and sellers will have easy access to market,” he said.

Murigande Charles who was Rwanda’s ambassador in Japan also lauded Nakamura for bringing investment in Rwanda calling it a great investment to benefit Rwanda’s economy.

H.E. Mr. Takayuki Miyashita, Ambassador of Japan in Rwanda also congratulated for the opening of AMJ’s Rwanda office and said that AMJ will develop the business in the mining industry for the further development of Rwanda and Japan.

AMJ sells minerals to Japan, China, India and all over the world.

AMJ occupies high shares of the rare metal market in Japan

AMJ is the one of the leading trading house in Japan and handle 3T minerals for electronics materials and functional materials for Japanese industrial market.

3T minerals mean Tantalum, Tungsten and Tin.In 2000 prices of Coltan (these so-called conflict minerals) rose suddenly with the start of dot-com bubble in the world.European traders started to make a huge profit by speculating the market at that time. However, that led Japan to advance its technology on substitution materials. With the collapse of dot-com bubble economy, the price of these materials went back to normal again. For instance the price of tantalum per lb unit, rose to 210 dollars in October 2000 and fell to 20 dollars the following year.Eventually, these precious minerals became a toy in the hands of speculators. After the collapse of dot-com bubble economy, Tantalum needed at least 10 years to revive its market as it was before. In 2010 Mr. Nakamura started visiting Rwanda to create new supply channels for its business.

AMJ’s history

For 40 years, AMJ imported these materials through European traders who try to speculate the market.Stable supply of 3T minerals could not be secured in Africa, because supply chain was not established yet.

In 1980’s Mr. Nakamura started developing Chinese Rare Metals.

In 1990’s, he started developing Russian and Central Asian Rare Metals during the Soviet Union Era.

In 1994, Full-scale development of Titanium sponge in Kazakhstan

In 1997, he was involved in Environment ODA (official development of assistance)

In 2001, he started developing Tungsten resources in Russia.

In 2004, he founded AMJ by MBO (management buy out)
In 2005, AMJ established six overseas offices as Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, Vladivostok, Toronto, Almaty.

In 2007, AMJ founded Rare Earth Joint venture at Beijing.

In 2013, AMJ established a new company called AMT locating in Singapore

In 2014, AMJ celebrated its 10th Anniversary ceremony

In 2015 AMJ hosted African rare metal seminar at Kigali, Rwanda.

The establishment of new liaison office in Rwanda is expected to boost technical cooperation, become helpful for securing the stable supply of 3T minerals and make a huge contribution in terms of good relations between Japan and Rwanda.

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Japan’s ambassador to Rwanda, Takayuki Miyashita
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Charles Murigande greeting Japan’s ambassador to Rwanda

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The CEO of AMJ, Shigeo Nakamura