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After 32 years, Morocco rejoins AU
Published on 15-07-2016 - at 07:28' by IGIHE

Morocco, an African country which left African Union 32 years ago, has decided to return to the Union, a historical decision expected to be announced in during the ongoing AU Summit in Kigali.

A Morocco based news medium, Akhbar Al Youm has said that “Morocco is going to regain its position in African Union”.

Morocco left African Union in 1984 over the latter accepted Western Sahara as an independent country which Morocco wanted to remain under its control.

The decision which was taken by King Hassan II who was Morocco’s leader at the time has been averted by his son Mohammed VI who decided to rejoin the African Union.

The decision follows long term activities highlighted by the visit of President Paul Kagame in June. As a host president of 54 heads of state from member states, President Kagame discussed the issue of rejoining the AU with his Moroccan n counterpart.

Akhbar Al Youm reported that the decision shall be confirmed in the session of heads of states in the African Union from July 17th to 18th July, 2016 was preceded by visits of the Morocco’s foreign affairs minister, Salahedine Mezouar held in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia as part of preparations for the decision of rejoining African Union.

President Paul Kagame visited Morocco from June 20th to 21st, 2016 where he was decorated with honorary medal by King Mohammed VI, a visit considered as a move to convince Morocco to rejoin African Union.

African countries have been requesting morocco to join AU. In 2015, the foreign affairs minister of Senegal, Mankeur Ndiaya said that Africa can’t attain envisaged goals without unity with Morocco.

Morocco has been benefiting from African Union through African Development Bank though it was not member.

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Presidnet Paul Kagame with King Hassan II



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