Agaciro Development Fund earns Rwf 8 billion interest

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On 28 March 2017 saa 10:55
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The CEO of Agaciro development Fund (AgDF) Jack Kayonga has requested Rwandans to maintain the spirit of building their nation and striving for self-reliance through their commitment of raising contribution to AgDF.

He made the call yesterday following a donation of Rwf 50 million from Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) to AgDF.

“We have to keep our initiative knowing that the struggle towards self-reliance is a continuous journey. Contributing to Agaciro Development Fund is one of the paths to attain the objective,” said Kayonga.

Agaciro Development Fund was established involve Rwandans in supporting government programs and strive towards self-reliance other than depending on foreign aid.

The initiative came from Rwandans themselves and approved in the Annual National Dialogue in 2011.

It was officially launched by President Paul Kagame on 23rd August 2012.

Agaciro Development Fund has today raised over Rwf 35 billion which was invested in different ventures and has earned a profit of Rwf 8 billion.

The latter saw the total of funds kept in Agaciro Development Fund raised to Rwf 43 billion.

According to the management of AgDF, over Rwf 700,000,000 contributions were invested in two projects including shares in I&M Bank and RNIT Iterambere Fund while others earned the interest rate of 10% in banks.

The management of AgDF indicates that it would have collected at least Rwf 110 billion if Rwandans keep the pace they had during the launch of the fund.

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The CEO of Agaciro development Fund ,Jack Kayonga.