Aid Suspension Should be Wakeup Call—Kagame

Published by Dusabemungu Ange De La Victoire
On 14 January 2013 saa 01:55
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President Paul Kagame has said recent development around aid is a lesson and a wakeup call for Rwandans urging them to double efforts to achieve economic independence.

Kagame was adressing Rwanda Leaders Fellowship Prayer Breakfast at Kigali Serena Hotel.

“We cannot limit ourselves to being offended by wrong perceptions. We must work hard to show that we are who we claim to be…It all starts with rejecting failure but it is not enough to say no...We must work hard and prove that we are better” Kagame urged.

Kagame also asked Rwandans to join effort to achieve sustainable development of the country.

He said that building Rwanda is not a favor to anyone but the responsibility of each of Rwandans urging to use different skills to move the country forward.

Kagame stated that Rwanda was not seeking to become Singapore but like Singapore, there is a must to have a vision for where Rwandans want to go and work to achieve it.

“What God gave to Singapore is what has been given to all of us, what is left is for us to build on what we have to achieve,” Kagame noted.