AIRTEL & NEXVA, INC. Agree to Support App Developers in Africa

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On 19 June 2014 saa 05:46
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Bharti Airtel, a leading telecommunications service provider with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa and neXva, Inc. a global provider of white branded app stores announced a major strategic initiative to launch Airtel branded mobile app stores in Africa.

Under this agreement, neXva will provide Airtel Africa with a full app store ecosystem for each of the 17 countries in Africa.

The app store is deployed through a customized website, mobile website and Android app as well as a developer portal for the localization of the app store to make it relevant in each of Airtel’s unique markets.

Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer for Airtel Africa commented. “We want to bring locally relevant mobile applications to our customers as well as continue driving local application development through supporting Africa’s talented developers.

We selected neXva because of their robust technology offering and the ability to allow local developers to monetize their content. We realize that localization is key to the success of Airtel’s app stores in Africa.”

“Bringing neXva’s app store platform to all 17 of the Airtel Africa markets is a great opportunity for neXva, “said Brian J. Friedman, co-founder and CEO of neXva.

“Deploying our app store platform along with a highly curated selection of content will, for the first time, bring relevant, localized apps to Airtel’s 70 million subscribers in Africa.

Localized content combined with our direct connection to the Airtel Africa markets brings a unique opportunity for local and international developers and content providers to monetize their content through neXva’s neXpayer™ operator billing API that enables content purchases through the mobile wallet.”

The neXva powered Airtel app stores consist of free and premium applications and will be available for all feature phones and smartphones.

The stores feature “one-click” billing that enables Airtel’s customers to purchase apps through their operator billing as well as neXva’s neXpayer™ technology that enables in-app purchases and subscription billing.

“App stores already exist in these markets but lack the ability to be local; homegrown talent cannot shine,” said Shaun Zelber, co-founder and COO of neXva.

“We enable Airtel to give regional developers the ability to distribute and monetize their apps for local audiences.

Our app store ecosystem enables local champions to have their content alongside the successful international apps that are all must haves in an app store.”