Akamanzi tasks Diaspora on attracting foreign investors

On 22 December 2017 at 06:31

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Chief Executive Officer, Clare Akamanzi has urged Rwanda’s Diaspora to participate in the country’s development by encouraging foreign investors to invest in Rwanda.

Akamanzi was speaking to the Diasporas during a discussion with the Senatorial Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security.

The discussion held at the Parliament Buildings on Thursday aimed at engaging the Diaspora community in the country’s development.

Akamanzi said that for Rwanda to become a middle-income country, they need concerted efforts from everyone including the Diaspora.

“For us to become a middle-income state, statistics show that every sector’s income needs to double. Investment stands at $1.5 billion, so, we need at least $3 billion. Tourism is estimated at around $4 million and we target at least $8 million, this is not such an easy job,” she said.

“We ask you to sell the image of the country as a place where people can safely invest their money. Whoever wants to invest their money needs to be ensured of their security and profitability.”

Akamanzi urged them to refer to available reports, like Doing Business Reports that rank Rwanda among best countries globally in easing business, to attract many investors.

Akamanzi said there are many opportunities in different sectors in which foreign investors can invest.

The World Bank Doing Business 2018 report released in October shows that Rwanda is the second country in easing business in Sub-Saharan countries and 41st globally.

The coordinator of Rwanda Diaspora Global Network (RDGN), Daniel Murenzi, said that RDB should partner with different embassies and reach out to Rwandans in Diaspora give them insights into opportunities available in the country.

“As we continue to strive for the country’s development, we need some new approaches. In addition to embassies we have out there, you should introduce progrommes aimed at visiting Rwandans in their host countries and show them how they can contribute in the desired development,” he said.

Rwandan Diaspora had also participated in the National Dialogue Council locally known as Umushyikirrano early this week.

Akamanzi speaks to the Diasporas