Amb. Ngarambe elected UN Human Rights Council vice-president

On 11 January 2018 at 10:01

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Switzerland Dr Francois Xavier Ngarambe who is also the Permanent Representative of Rwanda to the United Nations (Vienna) has been elected the vice-president of United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council to represent Africa.

He was elected to the position following African Countries’ request to be represented by Rwanda to the council committee.

He was elected yesterday replacing an Egyptian. He will serve a one year mandate.

Speaking to IGIHE yesterday, Amb. Ngarambe said that the recognition indicates the positioning of Rwanda on the international level.

“We have always been saying how these so called human rights organisations have other intentions in reporting falsehoods on Rwanda including on Human Rights of which reports have no truth,” he said.

“So, when they see how a person from the country they have been criticizing is elected to represent other countries on this council, they should note that such a country has a history and achievements that make other Africans believe in us,” Ngarambe explained.

He reminded that recently, President Paul Kagame was elected the African Person of the year, which coincided with taking over the stewardship of African Union Commission at the end of this January.

“Human Rights and other organization criticizing Rwanda have no reason to do so, they should rethink their criticism, based on how Rwanda’s leaders are rated by other African leaders, on our history and self-explanatory activities,” he added.

Amb. Dr. Francois Xavier Ngarambe