Anti drugs campaign continues in Nyarugenge

Published by Police
On 30 November 2016 saa 08:10
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As part of the continued effort to combat the sell and use of narcotic drugs in the country, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) Anti Narcotics Unit, on November 30, reached out to residents of Rwezamenyo and Gitega sectors in Nyarugenge District where they were urged not to be bystanders in the fight against drug abuse.

The two sectors are among the areas to be having many drug dealers and abusers.

While speaking to hundreds of residents, Chief Supt. Urbain Mwiseneza, the director of Anti-narcotics unit, observed that as much as 80 percent of crimes registered across the country are either caused by use of narcotics or are related to drugs.

“You find that the suspect in a certain crime like gender violence, theft or otherwise, is a drug abuser or was under the influence of drugs, and this is the same case in this area,” Chief Supt. Mwiseneza said.

He went on to note that the consequences of abusing drugs have far reaching and reminded parents to closely monitor their children, who are likely to be the victims due to peer influence.

“The fight against drug abuse is not only a police role; it is a collective effort right from the household. If you keep low in this course, it is your children and the country in general that will be left to suffer. This is a course to protect children, preserve safety and security as a gateway to sustainable development,” Chief Supt. Mwiseneza said.

“As parents, mentors, leaders and law enforcers; the duty to security, peace and development binds us all as it benefits all of us. Upholding Rwandan values partly means transforming a focused generation and this would look relatively impossible if we let drug dealers roam in our midst,” he noted.

He singled out places called Magengo and California in Rwezamenyo as some of the identified areas where especially cannabis is sold, and warned that operations in such places will continue to arrest all those involved.

Sheikh Mashaka Ali of Magengo mosque urged residents especially the youth to listen to heed the call against criminality and drug abuse in particular.

“Societies are not built by one person or one institution. Societies are actually built by the people themselves and supported by institutions or the government. In the same way, safety and security starts with an individual role,” Sheikh Mashaka said, appealing to the youth to face the future in their studies and other developmental activities.

He further reminded Islamic affiliates to distance themselves from the acts of radicalism, and extremism and be the voice of peace and security.