August 2017 Presidential Elections: Pride of the Rwandan Choice

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On 23 July 2017 saa 12:02
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Since 14 July 2017, the launching date of the election campaign for the presidential poll slated for August 2017 in Rwanda, I have had the honor, like the other RPF cadres, of attending rallies organised by the RPF to support our flag bearer, H.E President Paul Kagame and President of the RPF. Besides the festive atmosphere on the stage, I also witnessed at least four more impressive moments:

Everyone present on the site has two stories to tell especially adult people: a bad one that recounts their bad memory of the pre-1994 dictatorial period and a wonderful experience under the tenure of the RPF and President Paul Kagame. Everyone has witnessed the presence of large and never seen before crowds of citizens in high spirits before the arrival of the candidate, at the time of his presence and at the end of the rally.

Reassuring and encouraging testimonies by ordinary citizens evoking progress made under the leadership of the RPF and Paul Kagame’s leadership. Finally the candidate’s proximity to the people through dances with slogans and especially his accessibility to the elderly and opinion leaders.

Having worked with President Kagame for more than 17 years, I am a privileged witness to the exceptional qualities of the RPF candidate and in particular of President Paul Kagame: a man who loves and listens to his people, a man of promises and actions, a strict, upright and intelligent man, a man with humility but respectable. Paul Kagame is truly the pride not only for Rwanda but also for Africa.

Some Western media and scholars report the lack of political space, democracy and respect for human rights in Rwanda. But all this is just a farce to try to confuse the Rwandans who have taken the courage to campaign for resilience and refuse to receive orders from anyone with the vanguard of President Paul Kagame. With President Paul Kagame, the future of Rwanda is in the hands of Rwandans and the Rwandan people have understood this well.

It is certainly for this reason that during the rallies of the RPF campaign, hundreds of thousands of all categories of members of the RPF and its supporters gather together to support the RPF candidate President Paul Kagame. These are not forced gatherings, as reported by some Western media and the so called specialists on Rwanda. Rather, it is an expression of sincere support and recognition of the fruits of good leadership demonstrated by President Paul Kagame.

I have personally attended several rallies in more than 35 countries in Africa, Europe ,Asia and Latin America, but I have never seen such a large, cheerful and committed crowd coming together and celebrating around a leader in competition during presidential elections especially around an incumbent presidential candidate. I saw it and happen only in my country Rwanda. It is more a pact, recognition and a reciprocal attachment between President Paul Kagame and the Rwandan People. Rwandans are satisfied and convinced of a prosperous and peaceful future with President Paul Kagame.

Under the leadership of President Paul Kagame, Rwanda has a proven track record in many areas and the expectations of everybody were highly addressed for Rwandans and even non-Rwandans living in the country: more than 92% of the population believe in the national unity policy, average life expectancy reached more than 67 years compared to just 39 years in 1994. More than 91% of Rwandans have health insurance, more than 85% have access to clean water , more than 89% have access to financial services while more than 98% of children in school age have free access to primary and secondary school.

Internationally, Rwanda is the most favorable destination as far as Doing business is concerned, the most secure and, the best place for the promotion of women on the entire planet. Rwanda is an organized, prosperous and hospitable country and the architect of all this is only President Paul Kagame who was able to mobilize the Rwandan people to uphold the ancestral values of Rwanda, such as Rwandaness, integrity and resilience. This is the foundation of the slogan in vogue during the 2017 presidential campaign of RPF: Voting for Kagame Paul, equals to vote bright and sure future of Rwanda. The Rwandan people have already chosen and it is their absolute right. Paul Kagame is the unique and favorable choice of the Rwandan people. Paul KAGAME our choice, our pride.

The author is the Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda and currently, the Chancellor for Chancellery for Heroes,National Orders and Decorations of Honors