Bar Association satisfied with clarification over colleague’s death

On 24 November 2017 at 01:22

Rwanda Bar Association President, Julien Kavaruganda has said that the association is now contented with clarifications provided by police about the former colleague Toy Ntabwoba Nzamwita who was inadvertently shot dead by Police back in 2016.

Nzamwita was shot on 30th December 2016 at KBC roundabout.

Explaining his death, Police said Nzamwita was driving at high speed, knocked down a barrier at the manned checkpoint and proceeded to almost knock down a police officer who was trying to stop him.

Police explained that police officers at the checkpoint shot at the car aiming to stop it but unfortunately Nzamwita died in the process.

Following his death, the Rwanda Bar Association released a statement calling upon more clarification on the death of their colleague.

Speaking to the media during the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Rwanda Bar Association yesterday, Kavaruganda said that in discussions they held with Security organs over Nzamwita’s death they were contented with explanations.

“His family had requested us to link them with security organs to get more explanations following the statement Police had issued after his death. They wanted more clarification about the reason he was shot and the position he was shot from” he said adding that the side of the association is contented.

“We consider that the family has also been contented with clarifications as they did not come back to seek help from us,” he added.

Kavaruganda (L) speaks to the media yesterday