Be keen on security matters–Kaboneka to local leaders

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 30 August 2016 saa 06:40
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The Minister of Local Government, Francis Kaboneka has requested local leaders to be keen about security in their villages on a daily basis to curtail activities of some people with ill intentions that derange security including extreme acts of terror planned by people in fenced homes.

Minister Kaboneka made the call yesterday during a meeting he held with all local government leaders of Kigali city from village to district level.

He told leaders that all the success attained in Rwanda hinges on well established security system and so should be jealously preserved. “We can tolerate other things but we can’t joke with security matters. I request you to be active in addressing security problems. The development we have and other attained achievements are rooted on security,” said Kaboneka.

The minister said that security personnel should have information on people they lead through being keen on their activities especially those that are likely to result into terrorism. “You have to know people who are accommodated in your village or cell and what they do. You have to leave here with a pledge of knowing what is taking place in every house,” he said.

“You don’t have to invade their privacy but you have to know what is taking place inside there. Watch out houses in fences without security lights. You have rights to get there and let us know when a resident refuses to open so that concerned parties can assist you,,” appealed Kaboneka.

He cited the recent case of Bugarama sector where three terror suspects were shot dead as they resisted arrest, urging leaders to be active in timely reporting of any subversive individuals.

“In Bugarama, a resident had become suspicious of occupants of a certain residential, and informed the village leader who ignored the information,” he said.

Bugarama shooting of three terror suspects was preceded by another incident where a terror suspect was shot dead in Nyarutarama suburb of Kigali city after fire exchange with security personnel.

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The Minister of Local Government, Francis Kaboneka