Beneficiaries of Mahatma Gandhi University Scholarships receive textbooks for bachelor’s program

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On 9 September 2016 saa 07:52
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In a simple ceremony at the Seminar Room of Mahatma Gandhi University campus in Kabuga, five (5) out of ten (10) recipients of MGU scholarships from Imbuto Foundation were given a brief orientation on how online and distance learning program works, and receive a bagful of textbooks and other learning materials. The recipients are Mukandoli Sarah, Kanakule Verediane, Mujawabambazwa Leonie, Ishimwe Uwaru Innocenthia, and Mujawase Sandrine.

The simple ceremony were attended by Mr. Clement Kabiligi (Imbuto Foundation representative), Dr. Varun Gupta (MGU Rwanda Director), and Dr. Vince Sinining (MGU Rwanda Provost). In his opening remarks, Dr. Gupta welcomed the scholars and expressed MGU’s commitment to provide them with the best possible assistance in their studies. He said that in the coming days or weeks, a training session will be given to all recipients on how to use the online facilities of MGU, online learning resources, online student portals, and online on-demand examinations. Each semester, the students are provided with a set of textbooks for each module or coursework. Dr. Gupta also informed the Imbuto Foundation scholars that this is just the beginning of their journey towards preparing themselves become future women leaders of the country, and that MGU is proud to provide them the opportunity for an education they all deserve.

Mr. Kabiligi expressed his appreciation, in behalf of Imbuto Foundation, about this opportunity for Imbuto Scholars to pursue their higher education provided by MGU on full scholarships. Education is one of the pillars of Imbuto Foundation. The scholarships provided to these young women open new doors for them to become the future generation of women leaders in Rwanda.

Dr. Vince Sinining gave a short motivational message to the young women recipients on the value of education, and shared various advantages of online and distance learning mode. He said that the scholarships provided to them through the initiative of Chancellor Dr Rajan Chopra are one of the many ways that MGU is providing access to education, especially to the disadvantage people, especially women. He further reiterated that the new campus in Kabuga and the ongoing development of the facilities will be used to provide access to all MGU students various skills-based training programs, seminars and workshops.

On a different note, Dr. Gupta also announced that Mahatma Gandhi University in Rwanda is now listed in World Higher Education Database of the International Association of Universities at