Book with ABCs of Rwanda launches

Published by Ivan Nyagatare
On 3 May 2017 saa 02:24
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We want stories where a princess gets lost in a Banana plantation while riding a cow, said the young Dominique.

In her speech while presenting the book she insisted on the fact that Rwandans should be reading books that relate to them, simple to understand and instructive. The ABCs of Rwanda is more than just 26 letters that relates to Rwanda and with a quick browse in the book a read was offered to the guests who found out that letter A stands for AKAGERA, one of the parks and tourists attraction venue and letter U stands for UMUGANDA, the community work of every Saturday at the end of the month.

The event that was held last weekend at Brioche in Kacyiru saw a marvelous audience who enjoyed playing trivia games, snacks and drinks.

“ I loved the event, so many people turned out and it is so encouraging that people are interested in Rwandan stories and to also know that there are local authors. This is really very encouraging and I hope that it grows,” Hassan Kibirango, one of the guests told IGIHE.

And asked about his view on the book Mr. Kibirango said that he finds the book appealing and contextual to children as they will not only be learning the alphabets but also learning about their country Rwanda.

Malinka Sikubwabo, who is part of Imagine We Rwanda, the publishing house of the book and host of the event said; “People loved the ABC’s of Rwanda, they bought them and this book was just a small introduction to a lot of projects that we are working among those are moving to a new space, publishing another book in few months so this was just the beginning.”

The ABC’s of Rwanda was co-authored by Kelly Burke and can now be found at Meze Fresh, House of Tayo, The Hut Rwanda, Green Hills School and different libraries.

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The launch of ABC’s book took place at Brioche in Kacyiru.
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ABC’s book depicts Rwanda’s beauty.

By Ivan Nyagatare