Breaking chain of drug supply: 8, 640 sachets of illicit gin seized in Gicumbi

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 21 February 2017 saa 01:16
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A Police operation in Gicumbi District on Sunday seized about 8, 640 sachets of contrabands in different brands in Cyumba Sector.

The contrabands packed in banned plastic bags included 480 dozen of Zebra Waragi, 144 dozen of Chief Waragi, 96 dozen of Kick Waragi and 32 litres of crude gin commonly known as Kanyanga.

Chief Supt. Dan Ndayambage, the District Police Commanders of Gicumbi said the successful operation was conducted at about 8PM after resident informed officers on patrol in the area.

“When a resident saw people crossing from Uganda through an illegal border and carrying the luggage, he became suspicious and informed officers who were on patrol in the area. When the traffickers saw the patrol, they fled leaving the luggage behind,” said Chief Supt. Ndayambaje.

“There is increased awareness on community policing especially urging the residents to joint efforts to break the supply of contrabands, a crime that is still relatively high in Gicumbi compared to the rest of the country due to its strategic location,” he added.

“Through such sensitization activities in communities, residents have taken an upper hand, reported the dealers, routes used and went an extra mile to form anti-kanyanga clubs. So far, 17 out of 21 sectors of Gicumbi have formed at least one club. These clubs have become an eye and ears of security organs in dealing with the vice,” he explained.

In August last year, illicit drugs worth Rwf17 million were destroyed in Gicumbi. Later in November, other drugs worth Rwf21 million seized in three-month police operations were also destroyed.